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Visual inspection



Interior and exterior structures


  • Detection of damp areas on the roof

  • Detection of water infiltration

  • Heat loss detection

  • Leak detection / air infiltration

  • Inspection of works and site monitoring by drone

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Photogrammetry is the science of using photographs to take

measurements and perform complex calculations. With drones and software that

support them, photogrammetry

has never been so accessible

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  • 3d model of the building

  • Integration into BIM, Revit, autocad or others


DroneBox has produced topographic-quality 3D maps of distant places, from the Arctic to the equator, with a resolution of up to 3 cm / pixel.

Dronebox specializes in the inspection of buildings and structures using advanced technologies such as drone, thermography, laser (Lidar).

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  • Laser reading (LIDAR):

    • Deformation survey

    • Topographic survey (surveying)

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Law 122

Our company carries out thermographic, geomatic surveys and facade and roof inspections in accordance with the new 2013 RBQ regulations aimed at improving safety in buildings, in particular Law 122, Section VI, relating to the maintenance of facades and parking lots.

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