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Law 122

Our company carries out thermographic, geomatic surveys and facade and roof inspections in accordance with the new 2013 RBQ regulations aimed at improving safety in buildings, in particular Law 122, Section VI, relating to the maintenance of facades and parking lots.



Drone Box specializes in complex operations in urban and dangerous environments. We operate in Montreal and across Canada for several firms of architects, engineers and other industrial groups, and public service. (Snc lavalin, Mc intosch Perry, CBRE, Hydroquebec, Ministry of Transport of Canada, Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans, American iron Metal, Arcellor mital, Pratt Withney, Palais des Congrés de Montreal, Parc jean Drapeau….)

In addition to full videos of each facade and close-up photographs of specific points of interest, we offer 3D modeling of the surfaces inspected.

We also offer the possibility of producing a detailed report certified by a building engineer.

We use small-sized drones, specially adapted for complex operations, in places that are often inaccessible, either for technical reasons or for security reasons.

We use different drone models that we can equip according to your needs (4K camera, thermal, zoom ...).


Drone Box is certified by Transport Canada, since 2013, all our operations are carried out in accordance with the regulations.

In order to guarantee the safety of goods and people, we follow a code of conduct and safety protocols validated in our certifications and which have been proven in numerous operations.

Our liability insurance covers damage to property and persons for $ 2,000,000. This amount can be increased if necessary.

In order to better discover the potential of our technology, we also offer free training and demonstration workshops.

For more details on our other services, I invite you to consult the attached document as well as our website.

Please contact us directly so that we can best define your needs.

Looking forward to having the pleasure of communicating with you, I wish you a nice day.

Attached :

  • A pamphlet describing the services we offer to building professionals.

  • A low resolution copy of a sample facade inspection report. Please keep this document confidential.


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