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Legal support, and professional support


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Transport Canada regulates the use of drones for the safety of the public and other airspace users. Before you take off your drone, be aware of the rules and follow them. Otherwise, you could put lives at risk and face fines of up to $ 25,000, or jail time, or both.

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Transport Canada is proposing new regulations to reflect the safety requirements, growing popularity and economic importance of drones. Learn more about the proposed Rules for the use of drones in Canada by visiting the government site .

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In accordance with the Canadian Civil Aviation Regulations, future civil drone pilots must have received adequate training and pass an exam in accordance with recommendations TP 15263.

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To obtain a Special Air Operation Certificate (permit from 2018) Pilots meeting the requirements of TP 15263 must submit an application for certification to the air safety services in accordance with the instruction manual of (IP) 623-001 of the RAC.

Our training services and legal support:

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Our legal advisory services take care of your training and the legal procedures required for the creation of your future operation. The objective is to guarantee the profitability, legality and autonomy of your company


Drone Box accompanies you throughout the certification process by the Canadian Ministry of Transport or any other ICAO member country.

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- Theoretical and practical training in conformity

- Compliant operating manual

- Standardized operating procedures

- Specific operational procedures

- Maintenance manual

- UAV Logbook

- Flight log

- Theft notification

- Security plan

- Emergency plan

- COAS / SFOC, specific / complex, permanent class C and G

- COAS / SFOC National Compliant 3 years

- DGAC accreditation

We supervise your technical and practical learning and supervise your preparation for the theoretical exam in accordance with
at TP15263 on learning the concepts of aerodynamics, navigation, meteorology, human factor, mechanics, radio communication, etc. We offer group training and individual tailor-made programs depending on your availability and your budget constraints. Special packages are offered for intra-company training at the locations of your choice across Canada and abroad.Our practical training offers you the opportunity to learn to fly all types of professional UAVs (Multicopter, Glider, Balloon ...) Our theoretical exams are validated by an examiner approved by the Ministry of Transport Canada and Industry Canada.

Our knowledge of the professional market and technological innovations allows our experts to advise and guide you so that drone technology is quickly profitable in your activity.


What characterizes the spectral signature of vegetation is its strong response in the near infrared (NIR). Indeed, a plant with a high production of chlorophyll will reflect more energy coming from the PIR.

Stress caused by a change in nutritional or water intake under a changing climate or by infestation of the tree by parasites causes the spectral response of the plant to vary according to wavelengths. Since vegetation reflects a lot in the near infrared wavelengths, changes in reflectance will therefore be more visible.

Decreased chlorophyll production results in decreased absorption of energy from blue and red wavelengths.


Likewise, a decrease in reflectance caused by the reduction in the emission of energy by chlorophyll to the infrared level reduces the gap between the visible wavelengths, thus leveling the spectral signature of the sheet.

Our guarantees:

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Drone Box is the first training organization in Quebec certified Compliant by the Canadian Ministry of Transport, for the piloting of UAVs throughout the Canadian national territory.

95% of professionals (Industrial and audiovisual sector) who have chosen to follow our training and mentoring have been certified by Transport Canada. (Ministère des Transport Du Québec, TVA, Télé Québec, France Télévision, Univesité de Montréal, Le Port de Montréal,, Lithium Qué,,, Hamel Arpentage, Fournier Arpentage, Groupe Marchand. inc, Petrifond, Global Drone,, Agrifusion,… .ect.)

Certified and qualified in Canada, in France for training and piloting, since 2013 we have been training professional pilots and crews in several foreign countries for more than 5 years.

All our trainers are instructor pilots certified by Transport Canada.

Our training organization is accredited by Revenue Quebec to facilitate the financing of your project.

All our training programs follow the international guidelines of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)

We also offer internships and partnerships to train future pilots in the field in real operating conditions by supporting them during their first missions to ensure the quality of services and to target customer needs.

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