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(First Person View)

FPV (First Person View)

FPV stands for First Person View.
By placing a camera on the drone, you can see what the drone sees while controlling it. It's like you're sitting in the cockpit and flying like a real pilot, but your feet are actually firmly on the ground.

Drone FPV is a unique service in Canada offered by Drone Box, which offers the best of our services through First Person View (FPV).


The exceptional agility of our pilots allows us to take acrobatic shots incomparable with the images usually taken with conventional drones. These subjective shots allow spectators to immerse themselves in the action and the setting and thus live an extraordinary visual experience.


Whether indoors (in the studio, for TV shows or public events ...), whether outdoors (cinema, advertising & sporting events) Our ultra manoeuvrable and compact drones offer the exceptional possibility whose dynamism will impress the greatest number. The reliability and robustness of our systems are based on an experienced and qualified team of technicians, which allows us to operate in the most complex conditions.


An FPV project

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