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Beyond Line Of Sight BVLOS, Certification

Specialized Operations

BVLOS CERTIFICATE Beyond Line Of Sight (since 2016)

Out of Line of Sight Operations (BVLOS) are designed for specific and defined operational environments. Our experts can obtain clearances for these operations when an operational risk assessment has been completed to mitigate the risks to people and aircraft sharing that airspace.


. This allows operators to explore new uses for drones that can take advantage of Canada's vast geography. Drones have the potential to serve remote areas, lower population densities and large pockets of uncontrolled airspace with minimal air traffic.


Drone Box offers a unique expert and consultant service to meet the most complex operational requirements.



  • Jumbo Drone + 25kg 

  • Drone designs

  • Delivery

  • Foreign Operator

  • Payload unusuel and complex

We maintain valuable business partnerships with the most talented innovative companies on the planet in the field of dronautics and aeronautical research. This guarantees our customers to benefit from the latest technological advances.


Drone Box is the only Canadian training center to be also certified by the Directorate General of European Civil Aviation, which allows us to offer a European equivalence program for Canadian drone pilots wishing to obtain international recognition, as well as for most other member countries of the International Civil Aviation Organization.


We also offer  an equivalency program for the USA in accordance with part 107 of the FAA rules and for Indonesia.

Our expert and consultant services:

Our consulting and expertise services take care of your training and the legal procedures required for the integration of drone technology within your company or for the creation of your future operation. The objective is to guarantee the profitability, legality and autonomy of your company.


Drone Box accompanies you throughout the certification process by the Canadian Ministry of Transport or any other ICAO member country. International Civil Aviation Organization.

- Theoretical and practical training conforms

- Compliant operating manual

- Standardized operating procedures

- Specific operational procedures

- Maintenance manual

- UAV Logbook

- Flight log

- Theft notification

- Security plan

- Emergency plan

- COAS / SFOC, specific / complex, permanent class C and G

- COAS / SFOC National Compliant 3 years

- DGAC accreditation ​

The countries of ICAO, and Transport Canada regulate the use of drones for the safety of the public and other airspace users. Before you take off your drone, be aware of the rules and follow them. Otherwise, you could put lives at risk and face fines of up to $ 25,000, or jail time, or both.

Transport Canada is proposing new regulations to take into account the safety requirements, growing popularity and economic importance of drones. Learn more about  Proposed rules on the use of drones in Canada by visiting the government site .

In accordance with the Canadian Civil Aviation Regulations, future civil drone pilots must have received adequate training and pass an examination in accordance with the recommendations.  TP 15263.

The new Canadian regulations distinguish between 2 types of pilot certification,

- The first for basic operations (+ 9km from airport, air class G, +30 meters distance of people ...)

- The second certification known as for advanced operations is intended for professionals wishing to use remotely piloted aircraft less than 9 km from aerodrome, and close to people.

Transport Canada has therefore set up 2 certification procedures.

- The first for basic operation requires passing the TC online exam: 30 questions 1 hour writing time.

- The second for advanced operation requires passing the TC online exam (50 questions 1 hour writing time), as well as an assessment by one of our examiners certified by Transport Canada.

  • We supervise your technical and practical learning and supervise your preparation for the theoretical exam in accordance with

  • to TP15263 on learning:

  • notions of aerodynamics,

  • navigation, meteorology,

  • human factors,

  • mechanics,

  • radio communication,

  • etc. ​


We offer group training and individual tailor-made programs depending on your availability and budget constraints. Special packages are offered for intra-company training at the locations of your choice throughout Canada and abroad.​ Our practical training offers you the opportunity to learn to fly all types of professional UAVs (Multicopter, Glider, Balloon, etc.) Our theoretical exams are validated by an examiner approved by the Ministry of Transport Canada and Industry Canada.

Our knowledge of the professional market and technological innovations allows our experts to advise and guide you so that drone technology can quickly become profitable in your business.

Need an specialized operation?

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